Shiva and Shakti: Being the Dance

June 4, 2018


Coming back to familiar surroundings after a week of intense inner work at the Cobra Breath Level 2 training has been a celebration of all that went on for me during the week. A person who has been such an instrument in my process, Nayano Burdine, lead our group into the inner dance of energy that creates our lives and has the power to manifest each and every thing in this world. Talking with a yoga teacher friend today, we began discussing how tantric practice gave birth to Hatha Yoga and it's varied forms. 


Ha-tha is a combined Sanskrit utterance; the union of the essential mascaline energy (Ha) of the sun (Shiva) and the feminine, nurturing energy (Tha) of the moon (Shakti). Whether our physical practice is Rishi Isometics, yoga asanas or any other form of body play intended to open our vessel to the flow of energy within, these principal forces of positive and negative, light and dark, active and passive, are central. 




An insight I carried back with me was my real negligence of Shakti energy in my practice and life in recent months. Forms are important. Intention is paramount to a well-steered life path. But the ability to drop into feeling had been so put into the backseat of my conscious awareness, that the awakening of the goddess was literally ground-breaking for me. In seeing myself as Shiva, the lone yogi in the cremation grounds- disciplined and unshakable, I had allowed my world to become a tomb. Deepest bows to the Ipsalu community that held the space where this continues to unfold.

 How do we, as Tantriks and yogis, create and sustain community and presence to support one another in our process? This is such a valuable question. My experience of Shakti gives me even more insight into my avatar, my mentor- Shiva. He is not alone, he is not a loner- although one may see him as such. He is merged, he is one with the infinity that creates, sustains and reabsorbs all that is. He is a lover! 


Deep thanks to Babaji, Nayano and all those who brave this path of self discovery and love.

Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum


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